Pawna Lake Camping is best pawna lake camping


Pawna Lake Camping is located at the foothills of Sahyadri in thakursai, India. It is situated at a distance of about 15 km from Lonavala. It is a beautiful place where you can enjoy nature’s beauty and spend some time with your family and friends. You can go for trekking, fishing, boating, swimming, etc. There are many adventure activities here. You can enjoy the best of nature.

Camping out in nature is a fantastic way to escape the busy world we live in. It gives us a quiet, peaceful place to camp and enjoy nature. Camping gives us the opportunity to spend time with our loved ones and explore the world around us. Dams are an excellent place to camp since they offer peace and tranquility. Here are some tips on how to have an amazing time at a dam.

Pawna Lake Camping

Sunset Pawna Lake Camping

Sunset views are some of the best views to capture while camping. You can get amazing shots of the sunset, the moonrise, and even sunrise if you're lucky enough to catch them right before they happen.

If you want to take great sunset pictures, make sure you have a tripod and a camera with manual settings. Also, try to find a location where you can set up your tent close to the horizon line.

This way, you'll be able to capture the sun's rays as they dip below the horizon line.

Night Pawna Lake Camping

This campground is located at the end of the road in pawna. There is a small parking lot right outside the gate.

You can park here if you want to stay overnight.

You can plan to stay longer than just one night, There is electricity as well as washrooms and you can also see running water at the campsites.

Lake Side Tent Camping

Yes, its main attraction , that you will be happy to roam at extream lake side

this pawna camping is extream lake side camping so dont worry about the location of camping.

Transport - Cab Service

People are coming from Mumbai ,Kamshet, Pune, Lonavala, but due to lack of gov public transport they find defficulties to reach at campsite, our transport provides cab service , which will be a great option.

You can book pawna lake camping transport

Women Safety

our camping area is more secured than others.

The campground provides security to its guests. If you want to feel safe then you should book the campsite. There are many things to do here. You can enjoy various activities.

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