Pawna Lake Camping

Looking for a unique and extravagant camping experience? Want to surround yourself with lush greenery? Wish to spend a night by a lake?

Pawna Lake Campground is the best campsite you can find in Lonavala. Learn more about our Pawna Lake Camping and visit us today.

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Escape the city's chaos and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Pawna Lake Campground. As one of the highest rated campsites near Pune and Mumbai, we offer a unique outdoor experience blending adventure, luxury, and scenic nature.

40% OFF
  1. Pawna Camp For Couple
  2. Live music and Movie Show
  3. Tent stay
  4. Snacks, dinner, breakfast
  5. 500g. BBQ
  6. Sports activities
  7. Option for Vegan , Jain Food.
  8. pawna lakefront
60% OFF
  1. For Couples,Friends,Families
  2. Live music on Saturday
  3. pawna Tent camping stay
  4. Snacks, dinner, breakfast
  5. 500g. BBQ
  6. Sports activities
  7. Option for Vegan , Jain Food.
  8. Lakeside Camping
10% OFF
  1. For All
  2. Kayaking - Rs. 300
  3. Sports Bike Ride - Rs. 550
  4. 4 Person Boating - Rs. 200
  5. Group Boating - Rs. 150
  6. Live music on Saturday
  7. Snacks, dinner, breakfast
  8. Tent stay
50% Off
  1. For All
  2. Luxury Tent stay
  3. Sports activities
  4. Snacks, dinner, breakfast
  5. 200g. BBQ
  6. Option for Vegan , Jain Food.
  7. 200 MTR Away from Lake
  8. Live music on Saturday
0% Off
  1. For All
  2. Luxury Tent stay
  3. Sports activities
  4. Snacks, dinner, breakfast
  5. 800 MTR away from Lake
  6. Swimming Pool
  7. Option for Vegan , Jain Food
  8. Live music on Saturday

Explore grass-filled meadows, steep valleys and crystalline lakes surrounded by mist-covered Sahyadri peaks. Try thrilling activities or relax on your private tent balcony with stunning views. Custom-built luxury tents, farm-fresh meals and bonfire nights make your getaway truly special. Slots fill up fast, so check out fabulous deals on our website and call +91 9922 66 4640 to book your family or friend gang’s next vacation today! Limited tents available this season - reserve your lakeside camping holiday before they sell out!

Experience the Great Outdoors

Willing to spend a night under the stars? Before that, enjoy our freshly made meals out of local produce.

During the daytime, you can explore nature as much as you can. As the sun sets, come and gather around a bonfire and cherish the moments with your loved ones.

Pawna Lake camping schedule for a day

Year-Round Adventure

Enjoy Pawna Lake's tranquil beauty in every season. Get a magical experience with lush greenery during monsoons.

In winter, go for invigorating nature walks wrapped in woolen and enjoy warm bonfire nights. Spring brings rejuvenating rains, flowers in full bloom, and clear blue skies perfect for water activities. Summer is great for taking a dip in the lake's cool waters and star gazing into cloudless nights.

Family Fun

Pawna Lake Camping makes the perfect family holiday destination near Pune/Mumbai allowing kids and elders alike to disconnect from gadgets and connect with each other.

Enjoy fun activities including treasure hunts, salsa nights under the stars, movie nights at our outdoor theatre, and more! Kids will love our children's pool and game room too. Moms can pamper themselves at our rejuvenation spa while dads try fishing for a tasty meal.

Comfort Amidst Nature's Lap

Our luxury tents allow you to experience nature without compromising on comfort. We provide clean, hygienic bathrooms and cozy bedding for a good night's rest. Stay connected with high-speed WiFi as you relax at our alfresco cafe with delectable snacks and beverages. This is one of the best places available for camping near Pune.

Why Choose ?

From couples and families to corporate groups, we provide the ultimate glamping experience near Mumbai and Pune. Some key reasons to choose our Pawna Lake camping facility:

  • Scenic lakefront location surrounded by lush green hills.
  • ents with 5-star amenities and attached modern bathrooms.
  • Thrilling adventure activities like rappelling, valley crossing, rafting etc.
  • Recreational facilities like pool, rain dance, basketball courts etc.
  • Farm-fresh homestyle unlimited meals and barbecue dinners.
  • Cozy common areas with indoor games, library, TV, and WiFi.
  • Bonfire nights with live music and dance performances.
  • Customized birthday, anniversary, and corporate camping packages.
  • Round-the-clock service and operational safety standards.
  • Affordable rates - exciting seasonal and group booking offers.

With breathtaking views, comforts amidst nature and heartfelt hospitality, our Pawna Lake Camping facility guarantees an unforgettable holiday!

Escape the ordinary at Pawna Lake Campground. For bookings, call +91 9922 66 4640. Come experience nature and leave with memories to last a lifetime!

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