Corporate Event and Tent camping with fun games.


We have five years of experience in event organizing. There will be multiple team-building games and fun activities as part of this event, which will make the participants happy. We are providing a flexible schedule and fun games based on company.

Our campground has a large parking facility as well as sufficient toilets for campers. A projector with a big screen facility makes the scheduled event easy.

Corporate Event At Pawna Lake Camping

Glass Pyramid

Keep the glass on your head and run fast, you'll get a chance to win the game, which shows how active you are to complete tasks within a limited period of time.

Hulla Hoop Activity

Awesome game with Hulla Hoop, team has to be in human chain and pass the Hulla hoop to next and have quick response of each team to be calcualted

Guide the Blind

A blind team member has to go through the route without touching the pyramid, listen to what each team is saying, act accordingly, and trust the team member, which is good for working together in a company and achieving the company's goal.

Tug of War

Rope pulling is a strength game in which teams pit themselves against each other in a test of strength.

Decor the Brand

All teams will get the cloths, papers, etc. each team has to decorate a selected member with cloths and given paper in this game, creativity will be judged, so don't be boring; make some fun characters to have a laugh.

Burst the Balloons :

Run to the destination point, keep the balloon rolling, and burst it. It's simple, but fun.

Pass the Person

You've never seen such a game before, where a person has to pass from over their head to the next. See how you are ready for such a thing.

The benefits of choosing a corporate event include the following:

  1. Fun and team bulding games.
  2. Group Boating.
  3. Live Music.
  4. Dj Sound & Dance Competition.
  5. Unlimited Dinner & Lunch.
  6. Extream LakeSide View.
  7. Night Stay with proper tent.
  8. Clean, well maintained washrooms.
  9. Hygenic Food. [ Vegon and Jain food option available ]

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